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What She Says presents a series of short interviews asking the same 6 to 9 questions to women from all over the world. To highlight women’s stories and female voices and showcase the different facets of female talent. 


Despite us all being individuals and leading very different lives in different parts of the world, we might go through similar things sometimes that can connect us. We can inspire each other regardless and we can support each other, within this little community for example.

About What She Says
About me

I'm Jess Ridder and I've founded this blog. I’m a professional voice-over artist, a podcaster and have worked as a journalist. Having tried out various personal projects before, well this one, I stuck to it. I feel strongly about gender equality and I believe that we would all benefit from a more equal society.


I like reading or listening to other women’s stories, to get inspired by them, get different and new perspectives. To read more about the idea behind this blog and the interview project click here.

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