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Why I started What She Says

What She Says is an interview project I started in April 2019, asking the same 6 questions to different women around the world.

What’s the best thing that happened to you this year? What’s the worst thing? And what is your biggest wish for next year?

I edited the answers together to a short video clip and sent it out as my New Years greeting.

I liked this video so much, the diversity in the answers, the humanness in it, that initially, I planned to do this every year.

A plan that failed, unfortunately. Still, I kept thinking about these questions.

As simple as they seem, they’re an important asking if you want to reflect on yourself or your life a little.

Moreover, their answers usually tell a story. Mind you, a very small part that is — more of an excerpt, but still, these women share a part of their personal journey.

To keep breaking patterns of thought or entrenched value systems, to keep getting inspired by other women, by what they do, how they tick, their ways of approaching difficult times, get shaken up a little or to discover new paths, is a part of what this project hopes to achieve. To listen to other women, discover and get new ideas is inspiring, it brings possibility!

Even if our paths would have never crossed and you live at the other end of the world, we could actually still share an experience that could make us connect.

There are moments when it just helps to read about another women having gone through a similar experience in order to feel less alone.

In these interviews, women can highlight their highs, without hiding away their lows. They are part of life. So with these simple questions I want to share a tiny part of these complex stories.

On top of that: we can’t have enough platforms to showcase female talent! There are so many amazing women out there. I want to showcase them. I want to give them a platform to say out loud who they are and what they do.

So this blog is an opportunity to discover female talent and writing and to approach different ways of life and thinking. Enjoy!


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