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Nana| writer, feminist activist & communications specialist | It’s really important to me to do some form of exercise before I start my day. I’ll either do a fun class at the gym like step, take my dog for a short walk or go on a long walk with my sister | Accra, Ghana

Instagram: @dfordarkoa

1) THE BEST THING THAT HAPPENED TO YOU IN THE PAST 12 MONTHS? Getting an agent! I signed with Robert Caskie of Caskie and Mushens last year and that was the best thing to happen to me as he sold my book to Dialogue Books, which is part of Little Browns in the United Kingdom and so I now have a publisher for the book project I’ve been working on since 2014. . . 2) THE WORST THING THAT HAPPENED TO YOU IN THE PAST 12 MONTHS? I put bad things instantly out of my memory or take action to get over it so happy to say that I don’t think anything majorly negative happened to me last year. . . 3) YOUR BIGGEST WISH FOR THE NEAR FUTURE? To finish my book on deadline. . . 4) YOUR BIGGEST WORRY FOR THE NEAR FUTURE? That I’m going to be super stressed and anxious about finishing my book instead of enjoying the process. . . 5) A CONTEMPORARY WOMAN YOU CURRENTLY ADMIRE? Hmmm too many to mention but a few are Theo Sowa, the Executive Director of AWDF (The African Women’s Development Fund), Hakima Abbas, the Co Executive Director of AWID (The Association for Women’s Rights in Development), Yewande Omotoso the author of the Woman Next Door & Ama Ata Aidoo, the legendary Ghanaian writer to name a few. . . 6) A ONE-SENTENCE MESSAGE TO OTHER WOMEN? Take time out to do what brings you joy and pleasure.

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