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Deborah | Silver Model and Positive Aging Influencer | My passion is to inspire others so that they see the beauty and possibility in themselves. I'm slightly addicted to thrifting | Pretoria, South Africa

Instagram: @deborah__darling

1) THE BEST THING THAT HAS HAPPENED TO YOU IN THE PAST 12 MONTHS? I turned 60 recently - I feel privileged to be growing older, and see this as the start of an exciting new chapter. 2) THE WORST THING THAT HAS HAPPENED TO YOU IN THE LAST 12 MONTHS? I had COVID last year, and while I consider myself very lucky to have recovered well, my sense of smell hasn't completely returned, an unpleasant reminder of the lasting damage the virus can cause. 3) YOUR BIGGEST WISH FOR THE NEAR FUTURE? I am longing to travel. 4) YOUR BIGGEST WORRY FOR THE NEAR FUTURE? I don't have any significant concerns for myself but it's hard not to worry about my daughter and grandson as they navigate their way in the world. 5) A CONTEMPORARY WOMAN YOU CURRENTLY ADMIRE? My current girl crush is Joan McDonald @trainwithjoan who at 72 started strength training and completely transformed her body (and her life). She just turned 76 and is fitter and stronger than most people half her age. 6) A ONE-SENTENCE MESSAGE TO OTHER WOMEN? You're not too old and it's not too late.


THE WORLD HAS BEEN CHANGING DRAMATICALLY IN RECENT TIMES: 7) HOW ARE YOU COPING? I cope by focussing on simple pleasures such as spending time with my daughter and grandson, watching the birds go about their business in the garden, listening to music and burning a beautifully scented candle while I work. The little joys. 8) WHICH CHANGE OR EVENT HAS AFFECTED YOU THE MOST / HAD THE BIGGEST IMPACT ON YOU PERSONALLY? I had almost no earnings during the hard lockdown period and so I had to sell my beautiful apartment. I felt very sad about it at the time, but in retrospect, it was a good opportunity for me to do a big reset and has freed me up for my next phase. 9) WHAT ARE YOU THE MOST CONCERNED ABOUT AT THIS TIME? I am most concerned for the people and animals affected by the wars that are playing out in the world. It is such a tragic situation and there seems to be so little that we can do to have an impact.


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