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Ally | Writer and Student | Hiking, Reading, Writing | Houston, Texas, USA

1) THE BEST THING THAT HAPPENED TO YOU IN THE PAST 12 MONTHS? AND 2) THE WORST THING? My best and worst times are connected. It was difficult to take a leave of absence from college due to my physical health. Getting so sick, having some friends and even doctors not understand me and my conditions, leaving behind the place I worked for years to make it to, and having to go through intense and all-consuming treatment has been the most challenging experience in my life. This experience helped me to become more empathetic and focus on the things I can control and improve. This led me to start writing again, reboot my website, and participate in other projects to support all people and echo the messages of the communities and causes that need to be heard.


. 3) YOUR BIGGEST WISH FOR THE NEAR FUTURE? That everyone, I included, helps anyone who feels like they or their community is not being supported or represented. We are fortunate to live in the digital age because it is incredibly easy to support others. We can sign petitions, email representatives about issues we care about, share information about these causes and our own experiences, and have an impact in a multitude of other ways. . . 4) YOUR BIGGEST WORRY FOR THE NEAR FUTURE? That research and support for mental and physical health issues are going to continue to be underfunded. The economic losses due to these issues amounts to trillions annually, not to mention the cost of losing lives. By investing in research and support for all health issues we are ultimately improving society and the economy because although action will be costly, inaction will be much costlier. . . 5) A CONTEMPORARY WOMAN YOU CURRENTLY ADMIRE? Anyone who is willing to help others and make any contribution is my role model. . . 6) A ONE-SENTENCE MESSAGE TO OTHER WOMEN? You are deserving of health and happiness.


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