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Valerie | Performer, Musician, Dj, Painter, Voice coach, Healer: It s hard to define yourself without limiting yourself | I practice what I'm passionate about | My profession & hobbies are the same | Life is too short to dedicate your time to anything else than what you love | Berlin

Instagram: @val_renay

1) THE BEST THING THAT HAPPENED TO YOU IN THE PAST 12 MONTHS? Discovering & sharing my healing energy to help people. This happened when a friend came to me feeling helpless as his back problem was so bad, he could hardly walk & was in terrible pain. I wanted so much to help, I offered to try something, listening to my intuition. After 3 daily sessions the pain & problem had gone. It was like receiving the biggest gift & made me incredibly happy. . . 2) THE WORST THING THAT HAPPENED TO YOU IN THE PAST 12 MONTHS? Dealing with health issues of members of my family has been challenging, but I chose to not think of it in negative terms and embrace it as a learning experience that is helping me grow. . . 3) YOUR BIGGEST WISH FOR THE NEAR FUTURE? I wish to continue making new discoveries every day with a real sense of amazement and gratitude. Like a baby learning how to walk, I wish to become wiser. . . 4) YOUR BIGGEST WORRY FOR THE NEAR FUTURE? I do not worry about the future. I don’t see the future as something imposed on me that I have to endure. I am the master of my own destiny. I trust my thoughts and behaviour will shape it in the best possible way. . . 5) A CONTEMPORARY WOMAN YOU CURRENTLY ADMIRE? I admire every woman who assumes fully her female identity. . . 6) A ONE-SENTENCE MESSAGE TO OTHER WOMEN? Always put yourself first. Nothing selfish about it. By caring for yourself you care better for others.


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